Viva La K's

Photo by Olivia McDowell

Saturday 7th September, 2019. 7.30pm. The good people of Warrington and the surrounding areas marched towards LIVE Bar with grinning faces, filled with excitement and brimming with enthusiasm, ready for a night with local hero's; The K's. 

The A.V Club took to the stage first, warming up the crowd with an energetic performance; fuelled with passion and conviction. They're songs are full of honestly and grit, a fantastic opening set. Next up Serratone march onto the stage, with the crowd now filling most of the venue; Serratone do a fantastic job keeping the crowds attention with a set full of graceful guitar lines and catchy melody a-top of a very tight rhythm section. 

The K's audience know what they want. As the four lads walked from the back of the room to the stage, you could hear the crowd erupt in cheers from the other side of town. A dedicated bunch, who completely and utterly support this band no matter what, and for good reason. The K's approach is hard and fast, almost like the front line of an army, they march into their set with power and conviction. It doesn't take long for the crowd to go wild again with people on others shoulders and electricity ran through the air, Even with a slight tech issue amid 'Sarajevo' the crowd continued to chant the chorus lyrics back to the band before shouting their signature chant "The K's are on fire." Upon their return to the stage the capacity crowd cheered with an unmatched roar as Jamie and the boys jumped right back in.

One thing for sure, if you attended this gig its not one your going to forget anytime soon. Viva La K's!

Listen to the K's Here: 

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